Online Safety & Success is a Proven Program Created & Taught by an Instructor With Over 40 Years of Technology Experience.

Predators & Scammers don't sleep.​

They wait for us to make a mistake.​

Online Safety & Success programs teach effective decision-making using techniques that empower children and adults to spot danger, avoid it and deal with it.

What We Offer

Our Programs

Technology skills are life skills.
Online safety relies on thinking skills.
We deserve to be protected, informed & inspired. The time is now.


Children and/or parents/grandparents/guardians can take the course through Zoom sessions or videos with live support.


No tech experience is required. The sessions can be live or recorded. Support is included with all courses.


Single or multi-year programs are available for children, teens, young adults & adults.

Online Safety is Not a Game!

Why & How is this Program Different?

Flexibility - Choose one, a combination or all of the programs

Adjustability - The program can be modified for any grade level, special education/ELL students, time frames, age levels, etc.

Reliability - Based on a classroom-tested program developed over many years

Experience - Training from an experienced educational technology instructor

Support - Coaching available for the duration of the program

Resources - Links, digital documents and student activities are provided

Community - Students, teachers, administrators, families and seniors all receive training


Children & teens are online at school & at home... out of the site of an adult.

Most schools are not teaching an all-encompassing online safety program.

Most parents & teachers don't know how to keep children safe online.

Children need to make good choices for their safety and learn how to more effectively use digital tools .

Still not sure this is important or needed?

Please watch this video where I was a speaker for an event that received 8 million views.

Learn more about internet dangers we all face & what we can do to be safe & smart online.



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