Online Safety
for Seniors

Seniors are among the most vulnerable online groups!

They weren't born into the age of technology, but they were thrust into it.

Many struggle to use the internet & digital devices.

They are preyed upon by online criminals.

That stops today!

My goal is to make sure not one more senior is scammed... because it's personal.

A friend of the family who was a woman in her 70's received a call from her "grandson". He claimed to be in jail in Mexico and needed money for a lawyer.

Being a loving grandparent, she thought with her heart and not her head.

She sent him the money... then waited... and waited. After she had heard nothing, she contacted his mother who informed her that he had never left the house.

The impact on her was devastating. She had lost her life savings and was ashamed for being fooled. Her friends & family could not help or console her.

The worst part is it didn't have to happen.

FACT: Seniors are scammed out of $3 billion dollars per year.

It's time to turn the tables on the bad guys.

Scammers can use phones, email, texts & instant messages as well as fake websites. But seniors can learn how to avoid these devious people.

My program is designed to be easy to understand and learned in small units to avoid tech overwhelm.

I'll not only give you what you or someone you care about need, but I'll take you through it step by step.

We have to use this technology...

So let's learn to use it safely & wisely!!

Let's talk about what you (or someone you know) needs & how I can provide it.

No pressure, no obligation.

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