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Online Safety & Success Programs For Schools & Organizations

It's a simple truth we must face. Far too many teachers and parents are not protecting students from online danger because they don't know how to.

Most children aren't aware of how to protect themselves or choose to engage in unsafe behavior online.

So we cross our fingers and hope for the best when we should be preparing for and defending against the worst.​

I created the Online Safety & Success programs, then tested, improved, and refined them for ten years in my classroom and through the library media center as the library media specialist.

Students became smarter, safer and more tech savvy. In some cases, it saved lives. In other cases, the skill sets changed lives.​

The program is customizable and works for students of all ability levels. The activities/skills are practical and easy to apply. I've trained instructors to successfully teach all levels and versions of this program and they do not need a technology background.

In addition, everyone (including parents) receives ongoing support as well as resources.​

I can train your staff to deliver the programs that are unique and will improve valuable digital skills as well as give children and teens the best possible chance to avoid internet dangers.

Or I can provide video mini-lessons that can be delivered as they fit your students' schedules and needs.

The techniques can be learned by being integrated into current curricula, offered as a stand-alone course or as enrichment offered through the library media center or other programs.

The program teaches not only safety, but more positive behavior. Students learn to exercise better judgement in order to make better choices online to spot, avoid and deal with dangers, use digital tools more effectively and to be responsible digital citizens.

- Parents want this for their children

- Schools owe it to their students

- Businesses can take the lead in this vital area & serve their staff & customers

Schools or organizations that serve children/teens or adults are the best way to make this a reality. ​

Children, teens and adults are victimized every day. The time is now to empower them. 

​If you are an administrator, teacher, parent or business owner - the solution is here and waiting.​


Online Safety Program

Digital Tools Program

Online Safety &
Digital Tools Program

Course Curricula

Let's Not Forget About the Young Adults Getting Ready To Go Out On Their Own... We have an enrichment program designed for them!

Online Safety & Digital Tools Survival Guide for College-Bound High School Students

(Contact Us For Details)

After completing the program, your school will have teachers/staff certified in:​​     

Year 1 - Teaching the Online Safety & Success or Digital Tools course​     

Year 2 - Teaching the Online Safety & Success or Digital Tools course and training other  staff members to
teach the Online Safety & Success or Digital Tools course​     

Year 3 - Teaching the course, training other staff members to teach the course and supervising/growing
the Online Safety & Success or Digital tools courses​. Each package comes with curricula outlines, lesson plans & resources as well as one year of support.

Additional Options

Professional development for teachers to upgrade their expectations for digital projects, learn how to evaluate/score the projects & improve their in-class visual presentations and use of digital tools/ SMARTBoards


Educational seminars for staff and parents regarding online safety for their children & themselves

A custom made website for your library media center/specialist that will be the information & online safety hub for teachers, students & parents

*Each package comes with curricula outlines, lesson plans, an editable slide deck of each course, a video
version (with narration) of each course & other resources as well as one year of support (or more if you
choose a multi-year program).



"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

We have to use this technology...

So let's learn to do it safely & wisely!

Let's talk about what your school or company needs & how I can provide it.

No pressure, no obligation.

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