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Tibrewal Family


A complete package for the entire family...

"We were looking for an Online Safety guide as we were getting ready to give a smartphone to our high schooler. Little did we know that with Ms. Luciano we would get a complete package for the entire family. In Dad's words she is 'thorough', in Mom's eyes it is pertinent information organized impeccably and in the kid's experience it is fun and easy to follow!

Her passion for this important cause is contagious."

Sharon H.


Totally happy...

"I am totally happy with what (the video) you presented... This was our first lesson. My husband and I were listening to it in the car before we picked up our daughter... I listened with my daughter later... She listened closely to it tonight. She answered the questions you asked on her own. Thank you."

William P.


Thank you...

"Thank you for looking out for the children. "

Betty G.


Protect them...

"Thank you so much for the help you're putting out there because it’s really so widespread how technology is being used to get to children if we don’t protect them then who is going to???"

Herb W.


lifelong repercussions...

"The work you're doing now will have lifelong repercussions."

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